Fund Details

Fund Type

Open-ended multifamily fund for investors seeking long-term growth and liquidity

Tax Strategy

Unique design uses 1031 exchanges to harvest gains and reinvest capital indefinitely. Fund distributions are offset by depreciation.

Asset Type & Markets

Existing US multifamily, value-add and opportunistic. Western US focused.

Long-Term Target Return

11-13% internal rate of return (IRR); see the Virtú performance track record here

Target Dividend

4-5% annually, distributed quarterly

Target Use of Leverage

50-60% LTV portfolio average

Minimum Investment

$500,000 individual/$250,000 RIA

Fund Openings

Commitments queued annually, capital called quarterly

Downloadable Resources

The 2023 Virtú Evergreen Fund Impact Report
Download the latest Evergreen Fund Impact Report for a snapshot of our continued progress in demand-driving social and environmental initiatives across the Evergreen portfolio.

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