Energy savings for 42 properties
10,000,000 Kilowatt Hours
Water savings for 42 properties
100,000,000 Gallons H₂0
Emissions avoided for 42 properties
1,000 Metric Tons CO₂ Emissions
Automobile miles avoided for 42 properties
10,000,000 Miles by Car
Shower water savings for 42 properties
1,000,000 Showers
Equivalent number of apartments taken offline for 42 properties
1,000 Apartments Offline

Sustainable Practices

Recycling, limiting water-intensive landscaping, utilizing low-VOC paints, non-toxic cleaning supplies, and outdoor LED lighting are just some of the steps we take to ensure we are caring for both our residents and the environment.

Efficient Apartments

Virtú is improving energy efficiency by as much as 30% through EnergyStar rated appliances, dual-paned windows, modern HVAC systems, programmable thermostats, insulation, low flow plumbing fixtures and LED lighting.

Vibrant Communities

We believe promoting wellness is key to building strong communities. Each year, residents have an average of 50+ unique opportunities to connect including group runs, outdoor yoga, and gardening clubs.

A classic win-win

By lowering resident utility bills when we renovate, residents enjoy a better living experience for a lower all-in cost.