Case Studies

Academy Lane
Davis, CA


  • The strategy for this investment was to take advantage of a previously under-managed asset in a strengthening student market that had limited new apartment developments.
  • The student market was surging based on growing college and limited apartment stock additions.     
  • The property was purchased from a long-term owner that was focused on filling vacancies early in the student leasing cycle with less emphasis on rent rates. 


  • Virtu completed a $741,143 renovation ($4,721/unit) as part of the value-add strategy.
  • The light unit renovation was executed with funds spent on deferred maintenance and various upgrades, including exterior improvements, vinyl wood flooring and sound insulation. 
  • Staff members also made significant progress in reversing negative online reviews, achieving a 92% recommended score on (the most highly trafficked apartment review website) as well as a four star rating on 
  • As the market surged in Davis, and the business reached maturity, we made the decision to use cash from operations to further renovate ten units with a premium level of finish.  These units commanded a significantly higher rent, and allowed prospective buyers to assume an enhanced level of renovation could be successfully deployed across the property. 


  • The late stage adjustment to the renovation plan, in combination with highly favorable capital markets at the time of sale, resulted in a total return to the fund that substantially exceeded expectations.
  • Purchased in June 2012 and sold in January 2015, the investment returned an IRR of 34% (net to investors) and an equity multiple of 2.12x.  

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