Vibrant Communities

Supporting connections and a sense of belonging within our apartment communities

Virtú believes that facilitating social interaction, promoting service to one another, and developing new skills makes our residents happier and more successful. By helping residents feel the power of connection, we believe we are creating a sense of belonging that empowers our residents and ultimately enriches the neighborhoods that they call home.

Examples of resident run programs that turn a typical apartment building into vibrant, fun loving and connected communities...

  • Social, skill based clubs led by residents in partnership with Virtu’s community development team.
    • Fitness based clubs – example include daily running groups, walking groups, and Yoga.
    • DIY and Maker Events.
    • Homework clubs.
    • Cooking clubs and classes – regional cooking, beer and cheese making.
    • Book clubs.
    • Wine and knitting Wednesdays.
  • Common food gardens.
    • Roof top or courtyard irrigated planter boxes.
    • Property sponsored, resident led planting and harvest events.

Examples of resident run clubs that support connections within our neighborhood.

  • Using staff and facilities to actively promote volunteering at local level.
    • Paid Volunteer hours for Virtu employees.
    • Volunteer clubs, resident led and organized around local outreach.
    • Sharing resources with neighbors.
    • Making facilities available for neighborhood events.
    • Toy and food collection drives.

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