Beware the investment activity that produces applause; the great moves are usually greeted by yawns. — Warren Buffett


Virtu Investments has been providing multifamily real estate investments for investment advisors, family offices, high net-worth individuals, and select institutional partners since 1997. Our focus is in providing investors with above average cash flow coupled with strong capital appreciation in risk-adjusted investments. Virtu’s compensation is based on performance and as such we will continue to be motivated by deal quality and not deal volume.

The Virtú Multifamily Opportunity Fund-I

The Virtú Multifamily Opportunity Fund-I closed on December 8, 2011 with an aggregate commitment of $37 million.  The Fund was fully invested by December 15, 2012.

The Virtú Multifamily Opportunity Fund-II

The Virtú Investments Multifamily Opportunity Fund-II closed on December 20, 2012 with an aggregate commitment of $30 million.

The Virtú Multifamily Opportunity Fund-III

The Virtú Multifamily Opportunity Fund-III, L.P. (Fund-III) has been developed to capitalize on the emergence of under-exploited opportunities within the multifamily market.   Fund-III seeks to acquire a diversity of assets in well-located, non-institutional, non-primary markets within the Western United States.  Fund acquisitions will be focused on:

• Small-format properties (<$12m purchase price)
• Broken condominium projects
• Opportunities for significant value-add and repositioning

Virtú believes these investments will be realized with above average risk-adjusted returns due to a persisting supply and demand imbalance in the apartment market, the availability of attractive financing options, clear visibility for value-add business plans, and Virtú’s success with similar investment strategies in past cycles. 

Single Asset Investments

Virtu most typically acts in the capacity of Managing Partner of LLCs and LPs formed to invest in a single specific property. Virtu has formed more than 65 of these partnerships since 1997. We have a track record of success and proven expertise in navigating the capital markets and creating investor-friendly investment structures.

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