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Increasing Value through Sustainability – We believe properties that are working to be green will be preferred by today’s increasingly conscientious consumers as well as our forward-looking investors. Conversely, we believe properties that are slow to adopt green practices will underperform the market.

Examples of green retrofits:

  • Water Savings – All our properties upon acquisition receive a water usage audit and retrofit as needed to low flow toilets, showerheads, and faucet aerators. Properties also reduce water consumption through landscaping retrofit which includes weather based irrigation controls, xeriscaping, and drip irrigation. This program has already saved us an average of 10-25% in water consumption across the portfolio of retrofitted properties.
  • Lighting Retrofits – We evaluate our exterior and interior lighting usage of incandescent bulbs versus compact fluorescents and LEDs. We have found that a complete exterior retrofit can save over 10-25% in common area electrical energy costs, and in some cases complete hardware and installation costs can be subsidized through municipalities and utility companies.
  • Window Replacement – Where a major renovation is planned, we have evaluated the costs of new windows as a component of a property facelift. We have determined that by using vinyl, double-paned, low-e windows, we can reduce interior noise and save energy. A complete retrofit can save over 15% in energy costs, and based on incentives from city and utility companies, the complete hardware costs with installation, costs can be reduced by 30%.
  • Recycling on Property – It is estimated that our multifamily properties generated as much as 6,000 tons of waste prior to the introduction of recycling. By introducing single-stream recycling wherever possible, we anticipate diverting as much as 15-20% of all resident-generated waste from landfills to be reused in more efficient, more sustainable ways.
  • EnergyStar Appliances – By implementing the adoption of EnergyStar Appliances throughout our portfolio of multifamily properties, we are anticipating a 10-20% decrease in energy and water consumption than standard appliances.
  • Additional Opportunities – We identify opportunities to expand our use of photovoltaic systems and solar hot water for pools and common areas, as well as working to adopt the use of non-toxic paints, non-toxic cleaning products, and environmentally-friendly landscaping supplies. We believe that responsible environmental stewardship is an ongoing process of improvement. For the benefit of our residents, our employees, and our investors, we are committed to maintaining a business culture of innovation and long-term market leadership. We look forward to continually improving upon our own environmental standards and finding new ways to achieve measurable results.

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