Efficient Living


Virtú Investments believes that great things are most often accomplished by the proper alignment of incentives. Since our inception, our operating philosophy has been deeply rooted in the idea that creating happy residents is the best way to insure financial success for our investors.

Nothing is more exciting to us than seeing a win-win taking shape.

And nothing makes residents feel better than paying less for more. Whether this is accomplished through skillful apartment renovations that also lower utility bills, Airbnb friendly buildings that embrace short-term resident subleasing, or penthouse level laundry rooms that double as record exchanges and social venues, Virtu has made it our mission to improve affordability for our tenants by helping them embrace the shared economy and in many cases rethink how they approach rental housing.

Examples of programs that make both residents and investors smile...

  • Improving unit efficiency by as much as 30% through Energy Star rated appliances, dual paned windows, modern HVAC systems, programmable thermostats, insulation, low flow plumbing fixtures and LED lighting.
  • Embracing short-term subleasing through services like Airbnb that help reduce the monthly rent bill by as much as 30%.
    • Virtu facilitated marketing, housekeeping service and key exchange make it nearly effortless for residents to become Airbnb hosts.
    • Residents are encouraged to monetizing their empty apartment when they are away.
    • Leasing agents highlight the potential savings at point of sale by presenting a rent matrix including expected percentage saved by subleasing.
  • Highlighting shared transportation services and encouraging residents to jettison their car.
    • Providing group discounts for subscription based services like Zipcar.
    • Shared cars kept onsite.
    • Community bike check-out.
    • Dedicated, property branded app for encouraging carpooling.
  • Sharing Spaces.
    • Shared laundry rooms with washers that send text alerts, vinyl record exchanges and even penthouse views.
    • Inviting lounge areas including high speed internet, multiple power sources and seating areas.
    • Access to modern gym equipment, yoga and fitness areas that are included in the rent.
  • Sharing Resources - Message boards/online apps that connect resident needs with resources.
    • Providing a platform to help residents sell or build their skill base - learning a foreign language, babysitting, offering dog sitting/walking services are examples.
    • Creating electronic market place that allow resident to recycle and reuse unwanted items including furniture and typical household goods.

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